Wisemans Ferry

Wisemans Ferry continues to be the hotspot of our travels - it truly fits our definition of a village. Miniature, sleepy, it's an easy going village alongside Old Northern Road and ending at the water's edge - at the 'big' ferry. 'Back of beyond'.

Regardless of age or profession, you can unwind and slow down. It's a family haven; it's a getaway for singles and couples. History buffs love the old Wisemans pub and anyone (of age) who wants a cool brew knows it's rhe place to chill out under the shade of those gigantic trees at the front. To paraphrase Billy Joel, 'you're in a Wisemans state of mind'. . .

Fishing and skiing. A museum. A gallery. Lawn bowls at the club. A burger at the kiosk and a quick trip across the river on those wonderful little ferries - who cares what the rest of the busy world is doing.

Wisemans Inn & Hotel

Address: 5545 Old Northern Road, Wisemans Ferry
Hours: 02 4566 4301
Hours: Hotel open daily 11am 'til late, Museum open Sat, Sun and public holidays 1pm-3pm
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Wisemans Inn - more often referred to as 'the pub at Wisemans' - has undergone some note worthy changes, begun in 2015 and still underway in 2016. The exterior is sporting new colours. Interior changes were the most unusual, as the accommodation has been remodelled, keeping in the style of Solomon Wiseman's day. Rich wood antiques, drapes and new linens now enhance each room. The rooms are elegant and reminiscent of a gentleman's country home of the 1800s.

This year, Wisemans Inn introduced a museum, Cobham Hall, on the first level. We were blown away by the authenticity and the charm. If you are as entranced as we are by life, architecture and construction from the 1800s you are in for a surprise - a pleasant one.

Exposed sandstone walls reveal how innovative the early settlers were. Limestone was not available, so a substitute lime was created - a mortar of crushed oyster shells cooked in pits or kilns for several days and combined with water, sand, and ash to make a quicklime to hold together the sandstone.

Throughout the museum, you'll see examples of the ingenuity of the convicts and the early settlers when their options were limited.

The steakhouse bistro still serves up hardy meals - we do like the steaks - and the patio is perfect for a lazy lunch and a long afternoon with friends. For the kids, all the amenities of jumping castle, petting zoo, and face-painting on Sundays keep little ones happy.
Wisemans Pub, Bistro and Inn is a favourite of many!

Forgotten Valley Retreat

Address: 52 Singleton Road, Wisemans Ferry
Hours: 0418 299 559
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Bookings required.

We consider this the perfect group getaway when weary of the daily grind and bored by the ordinary.

The ornamental gate leading into the Retreat is a sign - indicative of an ethereal world of tranquillity beyond. Inside are lush green landscapes and peaceful contemplative settings. You are leaving behind the frenetic pace of everyday life. With its garden landscapes and hillside views, this rustic accommodation is ideal - a great scene for exclusive group gatherings. Family gatherings, holistic groups, business incentive groups and weddings have all made their way to this enchanting retreat.

Four cottages, with 14 bedrooms in total, between them, bounded by large verandahs overlooking gardens and ponds are nestled in the green, lush hillside. Each cottage has a kitchen and is air-conditioned for summer. In winter, a wood-burning fire keeps you toasty. Spa baths are an additional fantastic feature.

High ceilings, beautiful natural timber and huge picture windows create an ambience of spaciousness in the lounge. Wide doors lead to the large balconies - even a work-group getaway will be relaxed and pleasant. The morning coffee at Forgotten Valley Retreat is totally stress-free!


Del Rio Resort

Address: Chaseling Road, Webbs Creek
Hours: 02 4566 4330

Del Rio is set in an ideal location. Between the river and a mountain backdrop, it is the playground of Wisemans Ferry. Every sporting activity has its space, making Del Rio great for family gatherings or other large groups.

A nine-hole golf course, bush-walking trails, and basketball and tennis courts are in place for those wanting energetic activity. For those less keen for the hustle and bustle of sport, fishing off the dock or reading in the shade of one of the huge trees sounds like a great 'sport' for a sunny spring day. We visited mid-week in September - school holidays - and the swimming pool, the jumping pillow and the putt-putt golf were the kids' favourites. An ice cream at the kiosk followed closely behind.

Our attention is always drawn to the spaciousness of the resort. Following the Club Med model, each activity has its particular space and rarely feels crowded (granted, we have not been at the resort during the Bridge to Bridge Ski weekend!). Launch your boat and head out on the river - water skiing is popular with this crowd.

Accommodation books quickly for the summer season.

We really get Del Rio's copy line: "…there is no end of things to see and do…and no real reason to do them…"

Sounds like the perfect holiday.


New South Wales Ski Gardens

Address: 2916 River Road, Wisemans Ferry
Hours: 02 4566 4212

Set alongside the river, NSW Ski Park is only a kilometre from Wisemans Ferry Village and a short distance past the Webb Creek Ferry dock. This ski park is a popular spot for all the big races - you'll want to claim your camp site early.

The ski grounds are quite casual, with caravan and camping facilities in a rustic and shady setting. Only cabins with toilets are available. Showers are located with group amenities. Dogs are welcome, but must be kept under strict control.

Picnic and barbecue facilities are onsite and a weekend kiosk serves hot items, soft drinks and ice-cream. The facility is popular with waterskiers, fishermen and those who want a budget-minded holiday on the river.

Busby's Café Restaurant

Address: Shop 12, 5557, Old Northern Road
Hours: 02 4566 4787
Hours: Open daily for lunch and breakfast, Mon-Fri, 9am to 4pm, Sat-Sun, 8am to 4pm, Dinner, Fri-Sat 6pm to 9pm

The home for Busby's Café Restaurant is stylishly modern, fresh and spotless. The verandah looks out to the bush and Mountains, and the delightful fireplace is perfect for an afternoon tea.

A big breakfast - perhaps our favourite meal - was prominent in our minds when we arrived early on a Friday morning. A big scramble with sausage and thick-sliced wholemeal is a perfect start - our partner makes his case for the three-egg omelette.

Busby's will also serve up a morning or afternoon tea with freshly baked cakes and other yummy goodies. For group tours, please book ahead. Whenever you dine at Busby's, we promise you will not go away hungry.