The Hills District

Backroads and produce stands are a feature of The Hills if you look beyond shopping centres, business centres and congested M2 and M7.

If you haven't made your way to Dural, Glenorie, Oakville, Cattai and Annangrove, fire up the GPS. Garden centres and charming cafés produce stands and dense stands of Eucalypt still exist. Steal away mid-week and the roads may be yours.

Rouse Hill House & Farm

Address: 356 Annangrove Road (opposite Bunnings)
Phone: 02 9627 6777
Hours: Open Wed - Sun 10am - 4pm
Tours: 11am to 3pm, Open daily during NSW school holidays
(Fee applies)

High on a rolling hill sits Rouse Hill house - peaceful, serene and a reminder of the early days of settlement. The house and farm are part of the Sydney Living Museums' collection of 12 significant historic buildings and landscapes, dedicated to preserving our past.

Programs are designed so children can learn of their heritage and enjoy activities that their counterparts may have also enjoyed - albeit 200 years earlier.

We attended a number of the 'open day' activities in 2015 - parents, grandparents and adult friends of the family all appeared to have fun.

ClassroomRouse Hill FarmHorse

Bella Vista Farm Park

Address: Elizabeth Macarthur Drive, Bella Vista
Hours: Open daily

The heritage homestead and farm buildings are open only on the first Sunday morning of each month - and on this day open farm days and great markets take over the property from 9am-2pm (execpt in January).

Convict Footprints - a living history theatre production - also performs, telling the stories of the convicts who worked and lived on the farm.

FireworksBlack Swan

Castle Hill Heritage Park

Address: Heritage Park Drive (off Banks Road), Castle Hill

Within the bushland setting you'll find walking tracks, picnic areas and a children's playground—all features of the heritage-listed site.

In April, the Convict Footprints will perform 'Rebellion' a theatrical re-enactment of convict life of the period.