Rouse Hill House & Farm family has grown recently. From our source we learned:

'Over the past two weeks we have two new calves born at the Farm. Both girls, they have very protective mothers who are teaching them by gentle moos of encouragement. Our farmer said, " An hour after she was born our last calf was up onto her legs for the first time. Our other calf, born earlier in the week, couldn't be happier as she keeps trying to get a good look. This causes both new moms to be very loud and protective.





The rest of the herd keep an eye out for them and make sure they don't stray from the group. Later this week, we will write about the wonderful new merino sheep who recently came to live on the farm! At the top of this blog, you can see a photo of the sheep who are getting used to the visitors to Rouse Hill House & Farm. They are naturally quite shy!

What a wonderful experience for our kids who are now primarily living a suburban or urban life. Rouse Hill House & Farm offers a tranquil space for kids to see the 'real deal'.



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Warm sun on pale and pasty skin. Sweet smelling flowers in full bloom, grassy parks ready for a picnic and games.




We have so many parks and gardens nearby, no need to travel far. After all this is rural Sydney.  So pack up your favourite foods and choose from our list of Parks & Picnics in The Hills and The Hawkesbury. The weekend is just around the corner!   





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